Ubiquiti airFiber Accessories
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Ubiquiti airFiber Accessories
AirFiber 11FX High Band Duplexer Accessory
Our Price: $199.00
AirFiber 11FX Low Band Duplexer Accessory
Our Price: $199.00
AirFiber Dish, 11GHz, 35dBi
Our Price: $379.00
airFiber 2X
Our Price: $499.00
airFiber 3X
Our Price: $799.00
airFiber 4X
Our Price: $399.00
airFiber, 5Ghz
Our Price: $999.00
airFiber 5GHz OMT, Slant45
Our Price: $39.00
airFiber, 5GHz Upper band
Our Price: $999.00
RJ45 - SFP Transceiver Module, SFP to RJ45
Our Price: $19.50
Versatile mounting system for UAP-AC-PRO, UAP-AC-HD, UAP-AC-SHD, and above
Our Price: $8.50
High Efficiency Dual-Band Directional Mesh Antenna
Our Price: $99.00