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Ubiquiti Networks Announces airFiber(R) X
Posted: Wed Feb 04, 2015 02:39:00 PM

Ubiquiti Networks

SAN JOSE, Calif., Feb. 4, 2015 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Ubiquiti Networks, Inc. (Nasdaq:UBNT) ("Ubiquiti"), today announced a revolutionary new platform for the global last-mile wireless industry named airFiber X. Purpose-built from the ground up, airFiber X is a ruggedized outdoor Point-to-Point radio platform designed for the global unlicensed frequency bands. With expected range exceeding 200km+, throughput of 500Mbps+, and a $399 MSRP, airFiberX effectively democratizes true long-range, carrier-class, backhaul technology for the world.

Powered by Ubiquiti's Invictus2 proprietary ASIC, airFiber X is capable of virtually unlimited packet processing, hybrid division duplexing (HDD) for ultra-low-latency, split variable channel width operation for noise immunity, and GPS synchronization for co-location deployments. In addition, the radio's physical footprint measures just 8cm x 21cm, greatly simplifying deployments.

"We disrupted the wireless carrier backhaul market with our airFiber launch in 2012, providing this technology at prices ranging from tens of thousands to the low thousands of dollars," said Robert J. Pera, CEO of Ubiquiti Networks, Inc. "Now, airFiber X will truly democratize this technology for the world with prices in the hundreds of dollars."

"I believe airFiberX will prove to be just as technologically impactful as it is price disruptive for our industry. Nearly all system solutions in our industry today are built using standards-based chipsets (such as 802.11 Wi-Fi) that are designed for short-range indoor environments and then modified for long-range outdoor links. airFiber is different - it has been designed from the foundation down to the chip-level, and every element of the radio architecture is specifically chosen for outdoor unlicensed frequency bands and long-range outdoor operation. As a result, we are seeing airFiber radio links performing spectacularly in real-world deployments where traditional solutions exceedingly fail to meet expectations."

airFiber 5X, the first airFiber X radio with full 5GHz global 5GHz band operation, is now shipping with customer availability expected in March 2015.

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