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Educators Around World Choose Ubiquiti Networks To Enable Wi-Fi In Schools
Posted: Tue Jul 30, 2013 03:23:25 PM

UniFi™ WLAN platform Widely Deployed to Improve Quality of Education, Administrative Efficiency and Community Engagement.

SAN JOSE, Calif. -- July 30, 2013 -- Ubiquiti Networks, Inc. (UBNT) ("Ubiquiti") today announced its UniFi wireless LAN platform (Wi-Fi) is being deployed across a rapidly growing number of K-12 schools, college and university campuses around the world that are looking to benefit from the improved quality of education, administrative efficiency, community engagement, and overall competitiveness which is tied to high-performance Wi-Fi. Ubiquiti now supports student, faculty, staff and community life with reliable, campus-wide Wi-Fi in over 100 countries on six continents.

"With increased bandwidth and the right tools on the Internet, students are engaged in learning and really benefit from what they see and experience," said Dr. Letha Hopkins, Superintendent, Bartlett Independent School District in Texas.

This small sample alone represents in aggregate more than 100,000 students and faculty with each deployment having a significant impact on the students, education quality and community. Several case studies are also available as follows:

  • Enhancing text books with digital content at Bartlett Independent School District in Bartlett, Texas, USA
  • Enabling campus-wide connectivity for more than 6,000 mobile users at Universidad del Azuay in Ecuador
  • Preparing students for global competition at Arcadia Unified School District in Arcadia, California, USA

"This is a perfect example of how Ubiquiti's advanced technology and disruptive price/performance combine to fulfill our mission to close the digital divide," said Robert J. Pera, CEO at Ubiquiti Networks. "Our business model accelerates the way schools benefit from technology. Teachers can improve education quality by taking advantage of resources anywhere on the Internet; administrators and school districts can preserve scarce funding for other educational projects without compromising the performance of their wireless networks; and parents can watch their children become more prepared for a globally competitive world."

Combining technical innovation, ease of use, scalability, and disruptive price performance, Ubiquiti's UniFi platform is a compelling choice for schools that need high performance with indoor/outdoor wireless access across large/multi-campus deployments to support increasingly mobile students, faculty, administrators and visitors.

Other capabilities critical for school deployments:

  • The UniFi Controller software enables access points to be automatically discovered, configured and upgraded for fast and easy deployments. The controller can be deployed on site or in a private or public cloud. A single controller can centrally administer multiple sites, such as school campuses and administrative buildings. The UniFi Controller provides sophisticated user management and analytics to help administrators block renegade users, limit bandwidth for non-educational uses such as Netflix, and analyze usage.
  • UniFi delivers access to the latest Wi-Fi technologies, such as 802.11ac, which delivers more than three times the data transfer speeds of the current 802.11n protocol in addition to improved network robustness, reliability and RF bandwidth utilization efficiency.
  • Ubiquiti's innovative "Zero Hand-Off Roaming" enables students, faculty, administrators and visitors to seamlessly roam anywhere with their devices across campuses.
  • Disruptive price performance facilitates broader deployments with wider Wi-Fi coverage and higher throughput. We believe the total cost of ownership is typically 90% below the cost of competing solutions for easier project funding.

Beyond wireless LAN, Ubiquiti's carrier solutions, such as airMAX, are frequently used to bring broadband Internet connectivity to schools in remote or rural areas around the world. Ubiquiti's other enterprise solutions, such as airVision, can be used to improve campus safety and security through IP-based video surveillance.

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